NEW! Global Knowledge Brief, Data Analytics Mandate, Part 2

Support your data analytics process with tactical tools to ensure success

The Institute of Internal Auditors has released a new Global Knowledge Brief, “Data Analytics Mandate, Part 2: Develop and Execute Strategy and Tactics,” the second of two primers on the topic. Part 1 defined data analytics and its potential benefits, while Part 2 outlines strategies for gaining management buy-in and then developing a program. It also offers tactics to support the creation of a data analytics structure.

Chances are good that in today’s world of readily available data, an organization’s various departments and business units are already collecting innumerable bits of valuable information. Taking the next steps of aggregating and analyzing those bits could better position the organization to achieve its objectives for expense reduction, waste minimization, profit improvement, and business growth.

One common stumbling block to embracing the power of data analytics is obtaining buy-in. It’s critical for internal auditors in organizations of all shapes and sizes across all industries to garner the approval of decision-makers who can pave the way for adoption of a solid data analytics strategy. The strategy must then be supported with tactical tools to ensure continued success.

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