ECIIA: Digital Europe: news on EU Cyber Regulations impacting the profession.

About the event

ECIIA and The Augusta Group are hosting a webinar on Digital Europe: news on EU Cyber Regulations impacting the profession, on the 13th of December, from 12:30 to 13:30.
The EU program on Digital Europe is very intensive and numerous new regulations will be active soon and impact the role of internal auditors in cyber and IT security, resilience and risk. Internal Auditors must play an important role in these new challenges.

During the webinar, we will discuss the regulations and their impacts on the organizations:

  • We will focus on the Resilience Act (DORA), the NIS 2 Directive that aims to improve the existing cybersecurity posture across the EU in different ways, being transposed by EU Member states in 2024
  • We will analyse the cyber regulations, their effects on covered entities, the importance of governance, and the 3 Line model.
  • We will debate the role of internal audit in the implementation project and the oversight, assurance, and assessment of cyber risk to the board, board subcommittees, and Accountable Executives.
  • We will debate the risks and opportunities facing internal audit in assuring cyber regulatory compliance.
  • We will welcome your questions and share ideas.

This webinar is free, and a CPE form will be available at the end of the event.

Please visit Digital Europe: news on EU Cyber Regulations impacting the profession for additional information and to register.

Language: English.
Date: 13 December, 2023

Location: online 







12:30 - 13:30




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